Who Are We? Project
Who Are We? Project
14 - 19 March Tate Exchange


Sunday 19 March

The Who Are We? Project will run 12:00 - 16:00, with scheduled Workshops, Seminars, Learning Labs and Exchanges indicated.


50 Rooms (installation): Natasha Davis

A new performative action is part of a series of modified furniture pieces whose static quality is intertwined with personal histories to comment on crossing borders and the transitory nature of lives.

2:30 - 3:00

Citizen Sense: Antti Tenetz and Jennifer Gabrys

An installation spanning across the Arctic to London to recreate movements and movement data across humans and nonhumans.

How Do We Know Who We Are?: Dawid Górny & Evelyn Ruppert

An installation inviting people to interactively explore their relations to digital data and static concepts of Europe as a collection of nations.

Refugees Welcome: Alketa Xlketa Mripa (Outside)

A mobile installation comprising a Luton tail lift van - a potent symbol representing refugees crossing borders. 

Robert: Laura Malacart

An installation  engaging with global brands and the history of tea via one of the first Western corporations.

Shed your Fears: Richard DeDomenici

A non-denominational, non-hierarchical booth, into which two people from different backgrounds get to confess their fears to each other. 

The New Union Flag Project: Gil Mualem-Doron

A proposal for an alternative flag for the UK via agitprop to installation,  participatory photoshoots, conversations and workshops.



Qisetna Storytelling Workshop: Juan delGuado

12:00 - 13:45

Exploring the online platform, Qisetna, preserving the oral heritage of Syrians displaced inside their country, on the move crossing borders and resettling across Europe


Ticketed Event

Peirene Press: breach and The Cut

14:00 - 16:00

Exploring the unique commissioning and collaborative approach of Peirene Press.

Counterpoints Arts
Counterpoints Arts