Who Are We? Project
Who Are We? Project
14 - 19 March Tate Exchange

Share your stories of everyday solidarity

As part of the Who Are We? Project at Tate Exchange 14-19 March, artist Laura Sorvala will collect and draw acts of solidarity and kindness that individuals have experienced in their everyday life, be it in the local neighbourhood, school, workplace or on public transport. She is asking individuals to share their stories with her and by collecting responses on social media she will build these stories into a colourful cardboard box sculpture, reminding us that empathy crosses borders and that power can be found in small, positive actions.

Laura needs your stories of solidarity to draw from, and is asking you to:

Think of an event when you experienced an act of kindness or solidarity in your everyday life. Tell about what happened.

Need a bit of help?
That’s ok! Perhaps think about the place: the event could have happened at your home, local neighbourhood, public transport, school, workplace, club or place of worship – or it could be something experienced in an online community. Keep it personal – what is it about the experience, the kindness or the solidarity that you remember?

How to respond
You can respond by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email:
• Twitter: If your story is short enough, tweet to Laura @_auralab and use the hashtag #OutsideBoxArt
• Facebook: Go to her project page and post on the wall or message privately
• Instagram: If you also have an image to share, use Instagram and tag Laura @_auralab and use the hashtag #OutsideBoxArt
• Email Laura at outsideboxart@gmail.com

What happens with your story?
Your story will be anonymised and drawn as an illustration to become part of a larger art piece, showcasing these stories from different people next to each other. It’s up to you whether you wish to share your story in public or keep it private.

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